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Gayzette Bengal Kittens Gayzette Bengals & Gayzette Savannahs welcome to our website.

Frank and Pauline of Gayzette Bengals, based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, welcome you to visit our web site. Here you will see our stunning home bred F1 Bengal cats by Leopard Cat ‘Sarez Apollo of Gayzette’. You will also see F1 Bengal cats bred from Leopard Cat ‘Sarez Little L’ and also some bred in the early days by Michael Pont, and which were later owned by Esmond Gay of Sarez.

demo2The beautiful Bengal cat is a unique combination of its stunning ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat. These ALC/domestic mixed felines were created in America by Jean Mill who bred and registered her cats under the “Millwood” prefix. The Bengal cat has developed into a breed that produces various colours, brown, black and snow spotted and brown and snow marble and now the fabulous silver, all with the most stunning range of eye colouring.

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Please browse our website for information on our cats, the Bengal breed and its full history, their colours, early generations, the Leopard Cat and much more. You will also find many amazing Gayzette Bengals & Gayzette Savannahs and wild cat photos inside our photo gallery. Click on this link to our Exotic Cat Site.